Our Vision

Metrolinx aims to be the leading provider of choice for companies that need fast, reliable and cost effective wide area networks.

Our Story

The founding shareholders of Metrolinx are a group of industry professionals who questioned why businesses needed to pay high overheads for their networks – to suppliers often using their network products to fund other parts of their businesses.

At Metrolinx we believe our customers have a right to great services at a fair price without paying for services they aren’t receiving. To make this a reality we proactively keep our overheads low and the investments we make are related to delivering and managing our networks.

What We do

Metrolinx has wholesale supply arrangements with all of the mainstream circuit providers such as Chorus, Ultrafast Fibre and Vodafone (as well as others). To give our customers the best possible value for money we create networks that can often be a combination from multiple suppliers in order to meet our customer’s requirements and then we manage the final product so that our customers have one number to call and the network is not something they have to think about.

As well as managed WANs (wide area networks) we can also delivered managed LANs (local area networks) and backup as a service. To discuss options please contact us on the email link below.

Our Culture

We believe in long term results and we work to ensure our company vision is maintained. We achieve this by making sure that our customer’s simply cannot buy a better service from any other provider.

Contact us

Email: team@metrolinx.co.nz (mob:Geoff 021 1248360)
Metrolinx is a registered Telecommunications Network Operator based in Tauranga, New Zealand
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